About Us and how we found SBI 

‌ My name is Eddy, happily married to Aliza and parents of three adult children and their spouses, and proud grandparents of 10 boys and girls of all ages. And recently became great-grandparents to a lovely boy I was born in Cuba; the largest of the Caribbean Islands and at age 18 left the country for Mexico where I met Aliza, my wife of 48 years. From Mexico we moved to Israel. One day we left for Puerto Rico where we lived for many years. We continued on the Travel Industry, building one of the Top Ten Travel Agencies on the island. After many years we moved to Miami, Florida. During all those years we traveled to the Caribbean Islands and to all continents, getting experiences that one day I will share with you. But we were looking for a way to retire with a more passive income and go live near our children, grandchildren and great-grandchild.

We found it in SBI  


The internet is full with scams and I would be lying if I told you I did not fall to some of them. Until, in what I consider a God Send from Heaven I found Site Sell or SBI, short for Site Build It.

I ask myself how people like Dr. Ken Evoy, CEO and his collaborators in SBI can change the life of so many people including Aliza and myself.

We are now living in Israel and enjoy doing what we like the most. I love writing about travel and the places I know and Aliza about poodles

So, I ask you: Do you like to travel? Or do you have a passion for dogs like my wife or any other topic? Why not share your passion with others and at the same time build your own business. People want to hear from you and your areas of interest. That is the magic of the Internet

This is what we are doing now. Just a short time ago I started my new site about my lifelong passion, Israel, the Holy Land. In the meantime money is pouring in. First very slowly and now growing to very interesting numbers like many of my fellow SBIers

The Caribbean Islands site and now this one, Israel Travel experience were built with SBI and have been growing in traffic steadily every month. One thing is very clear: follow the step-by-step SBI traffic-building process, and you will get traffic - lots and lots of warm, interested and ready to buy visitors.

More questions? Ask the people that know best.

I hope you will enjoy My Israel Travel site. Please contact me for any question or comment. Our family together a few years ago when we were 18. 
It's not easy to have all 18, now 20, all together in one picture