Barbonia, red mullet. Fresh fish

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Barbonia, red mullet. Fresh fish

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Very popular fish in Israel and the famous red mullet. In Syria and Lebanon, red mullet is called much more solemnly: the fish of Sultan Ibrahim. Barbonium lives in warm - tropical and subtropical waters. In the Mediterranean Sea there are many, widespread everywhere. 

price : ILS 70.00

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Barbonia, red mullet. Fresh fish

A small fish with a reddish body, a characteristic feature (as for all fish from the Sultank family) is a kind of "mustache" on the chin. Red mullet needs them in order to seek out food - mollusks, crustaceans, sometimes it also comes across a small fish, which also goes as a meal. On average, the size of an individual is twenty to twenty-five centimeters. Barabuniya - not a native fish, arrived in the Mediterranean Sea as a migrant through the Suez Canal, so only seven sultan species are found in Israel.When fishing in Israel, you can catch it from a yacht, usually at a depth of up to thirty meters. This is a very tasty fish, literally "stuffed" with useful substances. For example, in ancient Rome, an equal weight of silver was paid for red mullet by carcass weight. Red mullet is appreciated for its unusual taste of fat - it does not have an unpleasant odor. The most common type of treatment for barbunia is frying in various variations. The price is for 1 kg. We accept pre-orders from private kitchens, restaurants. Fresh fish is always available. When ordering from 5 kg, delivery is free. Book your fish on the site in advance. Get only fresh, kosher fish on the day of fishing.
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