Ein Bokek Thermal Resort in Israel!

Many seek vacation to the Dead Sea, not only because of its medicinal characteristics, but in order to simply enjoy the rest, relax and experience the effect of rejuvenation.

A great option for relaxation of body and soul will be the thermal resort - Ein Bokek! The resort is located on the shores of the Dead Sea. The Dead Sea is one of the most popular places for people suffering from skin diseases. With its miraculous healing properties, the Dead Sea has been known since the time of the Roman Empire. The huge concentration of salt and various minerals in the water prevents the development of microorganisms, which is understood by the name of the sea.

Ein Bokek has established himself as a health-improving complex, a visit to which will be indispensable for people with skin diseases, psoriasis, arthritis. In addition, the thermal spa is suitable for getting rid of ENT diseases, ailments of the gastrointestinal tract, joints, spine, respiratory organs. In Ein Bokek, you will be offered a course of inhalation, sulfur baths and other procedures.

Relaxing and recovering on the Dead Sea, after relaxing on Ein Bokek beach, you can also visit the oasis, national park and nature reserve of Israel - Ein Gedi, Masada Museum, go on a desert safari trip and see Israel. You can get acquainted with the culture of Israel on excursions, going to Jerusalem, which will certainly delight with its ancient history and diversity.

Do you want to enjoy a rest pleasant for body and soul? 

Then you will certainly enjoy the whole oasis reserve in Ein Gedi. The resort is located on the Dead Sea, just 80 kilometers from Israel. The reserve in a small oasis is surrounded on one side by the salt bath of the Dead Sea, and on the other by 600-meter-high cliffs, on top of which the lifeless Judean desert begins.

 This beautiful place is famous not only for thermal springs, but also for caves with waterfalls and canyons. The reserve territory includes the valleys of two streams - David in the north and Arugot in the south, several freshwater springs, a prosperous kibbutz, the ruins of ancient buildings and several paths that climb steeply to the top of the mountains to the viewpoints. In total, there are six equipped thermal pools in Ein Gedi, in which water is constantly updated, the temperature of which does not exceed 38 degrees. 

The spa-center provides cosmetic procedures, massage, mud baths.

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