Israel Culture

Israel culture is as varied as in any well developed country of the world. The areas of visual arts, music, sports, museums and all pertaining to culture are at the level of Europe, Japan or the United States.

Because Israel Population is a mélange of many cultures, every sector has brought his part and slowly but surely it is now becoming one only culture for the whole country.

The Israel Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by the great Zubin Mehta 

 Israel Music integral part of Israel Culture

The Israel Philharmonic Orchestra

Founded in 1936 as the Palestine Philharmonic Orchestra is has been the National Orchestra since then. After the establishment of the State it became known as The Israel Philharmonic Orchestra. Its conductor Zubin Mehta, one of the best conductors of the world was born in India, but has been with us for decades. We consider him one of us. The orchestra’s home base is the Frederic Mann Auditorium in Tel Aviv Israel.

• The Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra

The Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra was established in the 1940s by the Israel Broadcasting Authority. Its musical director is Leon Botstein and its base is the Henry Crown auditorium of the Jerusalem Theater. All concerts are recorded and broadcast on Israel’s classical music station.

Additional orchestras in Israel include the Haifa Symphony Orchestra, the Ramat Gan Orchestra, the Beer Sheba Simfonetta, and the Israeli Chamber Orchestra.

• Popular Music is also Israel Culture

Israelis have been singing since the early settlers arrived with their melodies from more than 15 countries. It slowly developed into very unique 

Israeli Music. Today new singers keep appearing on stage and becoming big stars in front of our eyes.For this type of music I am going to dedicate a separate article.

Israel Culture - The Israel national Theater Habima in Tel Aviv

Israel Theater

It consists of various groups of different ethnic origin. The beginners were immigrants from Europe and Russia that created the legacy used today by younger generations of Theater in Hebrew. It is in constant evolution according to the world we live in.

There are several theaters in Israel among them:


Habima is considered the National Theater of Israel. It is one of Tel Aviv Attractions, but the company performs countrywide. Habima presents both classical and contemporary theater.

Cameri Theater

The Cameri Theatre Company was founded in 1944 as a local, younger alternative to the “Eastern European” Habimah. It is headquartered in a complex of five auditoriums at the Tel Aviv Performing Arts Center.

Using all the auditoriums I gives some 1,700 performances a year among playes, musicals and comedies. We just saw “Fiddler on the Roof” for the third or fourth time in 50 years.

Additional theater companies in Israel Culture include:

• Gesher caters to the Russian speaking and Eastern European theater audience.

• The Haifa Theater is a large, contemporary theater group which organizes an annual theater festival of children's plays, and also presents plays in Arabic.

• The Yafo Arab Jewish Theater presents fringe theater nature.

• The Beer Sheba Theater is a large theater group located in Beer Sheba in southern Israel. The group performs original productions and hosting 

plays from other theaters.

• The Khan is a theater company in Jerusalem that performs in the atmospheric Khan, a former Turkish bath complex.

Israeli Dance as part of Israel Culture

• The Israel Ballet company performs a rich repertoire of Classical ballet.

• Bat Sheva Dan Company

• It was founded by Bat Sheva De Rothschild in 1960. Today it is located in the Suzanne Dellal Dance Center in Neve Tzedek. Its artistic director Ohad Naharin is considered one of the best choreographers in the world.

• The Kibbutz Dance Company

• It originated in Kibutz Gaaton in the north. This company is choreographed by Rami Beer and stages performances by adults and children. They have been acclaimed all over the world for their superb performance.

• Other dance companies

• Some dance co Opera in Israel

The Israeli Opera at the Tel Aviv Performing Arts Center

The Tel Aviv Performing Arts Center offers a variety of artistic activities, including dance performances, classical music and jazz concerts, performances for children; in depth back stage tours, fine arts exhibitions and above all the Israeli Opera productions, which are appreciated by opera professionals all over the world enhancing Israel Culture.

The Tel Aviv Performing Arts Center, featuring a state of the arts performance hall, is located in a beautiful building designed by the late Israeli architect Yaacov Rechter, with a modern day foyer designed by renowned Israeli architect Ron Arad, in the center of the exciting cultural hub of the city of Tel Aviv Yafo, the cultural capital of Israel.

The Israeli Opera has established itself as one of the leading international opera houses, featuring leading opera professionals, singers, conductors, directors and designers. It co-produces its major productions with some of the major opera houses around the world.

Since its inauguration 23 years ago, the Israeli Opera initiates a vast education and outreach program all around Israel, in order to expose new and different audiences to the magical world of opera and to make opera accessible to as wide an audience as possible.mpanies I want to mention are Bat Dor, Inbal, Noa Dar Company and Mayumana.

Tower of David Museum in Jerusalem 

Israel Culture - Visual Arts

The art scene in Israel had its beginnings in the early part of the 20th century when the rebirth of a Jewish state in the Land of Israel was beginning to take shape.

In 1906 sculptor Boris Schatz established Israel’s leading school of art in Jerusalem, Betzalel Academy of Art and Design. It was named for Betzalel Ben Uri, the first artist mentioned in the Bible.

Betzalel underwent numerous changes until it became the leading academy for art and design and moved to its present Jerusalem location on the Mount Scopus campus of the Hebrew University.

Museums in Israel the leaders of Israel Culture

Israel has more museums per capita than any other country in the world. About 200 museums exist in all parts of the country, including the major cities and towns and also in Kibbutzim and Moshavim.

Jerusalem Museums

• The Israel Museum is the largest and most important art museum in the country.

• Shrine of the Book is the home of legendary Dead Sea Scrolls.

• Bible Lands Museum hosts a large collection of Biblical archeological artifacts

• Tower of David Museum will deepen your understanding of Jerusalem

• Ticho House, located in the center of the city is a separate branch of the Israel Museum.

• The Jerusalem Artists' House was the original site of the Betzalel School of Arts and Crafts.

• Islamic Arts Museum is considered one of the world’s finest museums of Islamic art.

• Museum on the Seam presents the events of the past through multimedia, photography, art exhibits and video, placing emphasis on co-existence and tolerance.

• The Rockefeller Museum is a branch of the Israel Museum. Its exhibits are mostly archeology, but visitors also come to admire the beautiful building itself.

Tel Aviv Museums

• The Tel Aviv Art Museum includes over 20,000 prints and drawings, as well as paintings and sculpture by recent Israel artists,

• The Land of Israel (Eretz Israel) Museum contains an entire world of visual, cultural, and historical treasures.

• The Nahum Goldman Museum of the Jewish Diaspora (Bet Hatefusoth), also known as the Museum of the Jewish People

Haifa Museums

• The Haifa Art Museum has both permanent and temporary exhibits of modern Israeli and international art.

• The National Maritime Museum relates the history of Israel as a country bordering the Mediterranean Sea.

• The Tikotin Museum of Japanese Art was created to introduce the Israeli public to Japanese art and culture.

• The Hecht Museum at the University of Haifa includes archaeological artifacts representing the material culture of the Land of Israel in ancient times.

Other Museums outside the major Israeli Cities

• The Janco Dada Museum is located in the artists' village of Ein Hod near Haifa.

• Ralli Museum in Caesarea is one of four museums in the world founded by art collector, Harry Recanati, whose goal is to support budding

 contemporary artists.

• The Tefen Industrial Garden contains an open museum with temporary exhibitions of the work of Israeli artists

• The Museum of Art Ein Harod possesses a rich collection of Judaica, photographs and graphics. 


The Shrine of the Book home to the Dead Sea Scrolls in Jerusalem

Israel Culture - Festivals in Israel
There are many Festivals going on in Israel throughout the year. They include children’s theater, string instruments festivals, visual arts, several film festivals and festivals promoting food and drinks.

• The Israeli festival is Israel’s leading cultural festival, held every May and June in Jerusalem. The festival features performances of music, dance, and theater from around the world.

• The Karmiel Dance Festival is held in the northern city of Karmiel each July. The festival includes dance performances and public folk dancing sessions. Please visit our page on Karmiel.

• The Akko Alternative Theater Festival held in Acre during the Holiday of Sukkot.

• The Eilat International Jazz Festival takes place during the last week in August in the southern resort of Eilat Israel, features leading jazz musicians from around the world.

Israel Culture is so vast that you may think of a big country of 100 million, no we are just 7.5 million with a lot of culture.

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