Tel Aviv Israel Designated by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site

Tel Aviv Israel just celebrated its 100th Anniversary. It was founded in 1909 north of the old city of Yaffo or Joppa in the Bible.

The visionaries that first built the city never could have imagined that in just 100 years it will become such a huge and important one.

The name Tel Aviv means “Spring Hill” or “Spring Mound” and is the center of Gush Dan a mole of many cities around it and with no boundaries to differentiate them, it is a metropolitan area with a population of more than three million people. 

Dizengoff Square sculpture by famous artist Yaacov Agam

Dizengoff Square sculpture by famous artist Yaacov Agam

Israel’s second largest city

Tel Aviv Israel itself is the second largest city in Israel after Jerusalem. It may be only an hour away but it may as well be a thousand years away culturally, socially and religiously.

If what you want is partying on the shores of a real Mediterranean city, Tel Aviv Israel is your place.

It is not the capital of Israel as many think, but is the capital of dining, entertainment and nightlife.

In the evening you may sit on an outdoor Paris style café and enjoy your Cappuccino or Café Hafuch as it is called in Israel and at the same time watch the beachgoers, joggers and dog walkers.

It is by far Israel’s financial capital. The Tel Aviv Stock Exchange operates here and it is home to many of the big companies of Israeli and foreign origin.

Most countries sadly do not recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital therefore most or almost all foreign embassies are located in Tel Aviv or its suburbs. 

Azrieli Towers are three impressive towers of the Tel Aviv Israel 

Among the many attractions featured in this site you may find

Tel Aviv Beaches

They are sometimes so busy that it is difficult to find a place to put your towel or chair and relax.

Locals come from the cities inland to the shores of Tel Aviv where they find parties, young company and all kind of attractions.

Many tourist spend their Tel Aviv vacation enjoying the eternal sun and the great waters of the Mediterranean.

Bauhaus Architecture

The city features the Bauhaus Architecture and is therefore Tel Aviv Israel is called the “White City”.

It was designated by UNESCO as a World Heritage site because it hosts the largest concentration of Modern style buildings in the world.

University of Tel Aviv

The White city is not only food and party, it is home to Tel Aviv University one of the leading institutions of High Education in the country.

Recommended Hotels in Tel Aviv

The David Intercontinental Hotel Tel Aviv

The David Intercontinental Hotel Tel Aviv is one of the Tel Aviv hotels that is within easy walk of the Jaffa business district and the Nahalat Binyamin Market. The property is also within a few meters of the seafront promenade.

The David Intercontinental Hotel Tel Aviv is approximately 20 km from the international airport.

There are 521 rooms at the David Intercontinental Hotel Tel Aviv. Rooms have upscale décor, air conditioning, satellite television, wireless Internet access, and wooden furniture. Rooms offer views of the city or the sea.

The David Intercontinental Hotel Tel Aviv is a five star resort property with an modern architectural frame. Fine dining is available on site 24 hours a day, and there are a number of dinner choices.

Multiple lounges provide relaxation options, and there is live entertainment available. There is a fitness center and an outdoor swimming pool with a mini club for children. A beauty salon and a spa complete the wellness amenities.

Conference space is available along with a grand ballroom that is Israel’s largest meeting space. There is also a business support center. Parking is offered.

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