The many faces of tel-Aviv - mix of tradition and modernity!

It is a city with miles of sandy beaches and some of the best parties in the world, it is called the Miami of the Middle East. Amazing tel Aviv with the gentle sea, sandy beaches, a huge number of architectural monuments, modern hotels with high level of service and extensive infrastructure is a great place to stay. Restaurants, cafes and bars in tel Aviv at every step, they will offer you national cuisine, classical European cuisine, Oriental, vegetarian.

The season for a holiday in the famous Israeli resort lasts almost six months, from early spring to late autumn and also in tel Aviv enjoy a variety of beach rest, rest areas located along several kilometers of the Mediterranean coast. Almost all the beaches are free, most have paid Parking lots, lifeguards on duty, a children's area, sunbeds, umbrellas. In tel Aviv also created the conditions for surfing, Windsurfing and kite surfing, you can feel it on the beaches with special stations: Hilton, Tel Baruch and Drummers beach near the Dolphinarium.

Tel Aviv - a city of museums, in which there are 200 museums, with the three largest in the country: the Museum of fine arts, the Museum of Eretz Yisrael, the Museum of the Jewish Diaspora. But the main architectural attraction of the city - 4,000 buildings in the Bauhaus style, the so called "White city". The best way to explore the local flavor and the soul of the city is to rent a bike, where more than 150 stations.

Did you know that the position of the lowest point on Earth is "Dead Sea" Did you know that the position of the lowest point on Earth is occupied by the "Dead Sea", located between Israel and Jordan. And it is rightfully considered the deepest and most saline lake in the world. Hurry up to visit this amazing creation of nature! The water level in the Dead Sea is 430 meters below sea level and falls annually at a speed of about 1 meter.

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